How To Stream As a DJ ?

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  • To connect and stream as a DJ, the AutoDJ of the radio must be online.
  • Download and install any of your favorite stream program to your computer, such as VirtualDJ, Sam, AltaCast, Butt Encoder, RadioBOSS, Winamp DSP and any stream/broadcast program you have.

 DJs have to choose shoutcast v1 protocol or shoutcast server option on their stream program always! Even if your radio system is an IceCast or SCV2, choose Shoutcast v1 or Shoutcast in the stream program settings and use only dj password and dj port without the username to connect.


Lets say you have a DJ account with dj password 1234 and the djport 6699, and the AutoDJ is online on the SonicPanel.

You only need to enter the following information on your broadcast/stream program, in the encoder or radio settings

  1. Radio Option: Choose Shoutcast v1 or Shoutcast on your dj stream program, even if the radio is icecast or scv2.
  2. Password: 1234
  3. DJ Port: 6699
  4. Configure other settings such as bitrate, quality, encoder options according to your needs and radio.
  5. Start to stream now.

Thats It!

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