What is Submarine radio hosting control panel?

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Sonic Panel is the newest control panel offered to radio stations that want to broadcast their shows via the Internet which have a modern design with complete Javascript, Ajax and Jquery with new features such as icecast, new AutoDJ system and schedule features.

It has its own services, its own firewall and brute force protections to provide the best and secure experience of Radio Hosting Management. It offers a lot of features, among which are:

– ShoutCast version 2.5 and 2.6, Shoucast v.1 & Icecast v.2 Servers which can be chosen directly from the control panel at any time.

– SSL version of your stream included. This is important because it can be used on web sites that have SSL enabled.

– Play Jingles (IE Station Identification), ads, or promotions randomly or at fixed times. This is because the new Sonic Panel offers the possibility of playlists being interruptible. The transition is smooth being used the smart crossfade

– DJ MANAGER With optional DJ Panel access. Create DJ accounts and you can to give them access to a special SonicPanel DJ account page!

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